Openfire : Create groups of users

Hi everyone,

I have a requirement in my application where users are part of different groups(within my application). The relation between users and groups is many to many.

Also a user from a group can chat with another user form the same group. He should also be able to see all the online users from his own group.

I have setup the openfire server and am writing my own ios client.

Now I am very confused about a few things.

  1. The “GROUP” of users in my case will be resembled by what object in the Openfire world : group or chat rooms??

  2. If my application group is the same as group in openfire, how do I create a new group in openfire? I could find no such plugin.

In fact I am a little confused about the whole architecture.

Thanks for the help in advance.

  1. Group (probably a shared one). Or do you want a chat room where all the participants are in the same room (and everyone receive from everyone the message)

  2. Right know, the REST API don’t have that feature to create new groups, but you could use REST API plugin to add users to specific group.

See here: REST API Plugin Readme

Thanks a lot for replying.

But I dont need a chat room kind of functionality. The group kind.

Can this be done using the roster?

Yes, use the Groups and set “Enable contact list group sharing”. It will use the roster to share the buddies inside your group.

But I badly need to be able to create groups in openfire, as and when a group is created in my application.

Does any other framework support this?

I just build that in REST API (1.0.2). You can download that here: Ignite Realtime: Openfire Plugins

Documentation: REST API Plugin Readme