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Openfire daemon start problem

When starting openfire with openfire.sh everything is fine except when I close my ssh client the server halts

When starting openfire with openfire start in etc/init.d server starts but reverts to setup??? PS I’ve killed all openfire processes and this still happens.

Is openfire missing smoething in etc/init.d? I check the conf files and everything looks ok. Setup is set to true…

Please help

Hrm. That sounds like the config files aren’t readable by openfire as it starts up. Can you verify that the openfire install directory and everything under it is owned by the user you are running openfire as?

Did you install via .tar.gz or RPM? (I’m assuming .tar.gz, but just making sure)

One of my big goals for 3.4.2 is to make sure we have proper packages as much across the board as possible, and make sure all of the unix pieces are working properly and cleaned up and such.