Openfire Database core modification?

So, I’m running Openfire 3.6.4 on 64bit JVM and MS Sql 05 Enterprise.

Hopefully this is not a stupid query to make of the community (See what I did there… sorry)

Anyways, There are a handful of tables which do not have unique identifiers on them. It may not be required for functionality however in my best practices we always include a unique id on everytable just because and for future proofing. . .and also because it allows you to make Transactional replication between two SQL servers making it much easier to institue a Staging Server and Failover Server.

But to get to brass tacks, I’m pretty sure it will be fine but I wanna double check with everyone before I waste a bunch of time testing it out.

Can I add a new column to tables without unique identifiers and backfill then add an autoincrement and not breaka mah servuh.

Thanks for your time.

Also I love the platform and I’m digging hard into fastpath right now because I’m trying to replace our companies current helpdesk with a fastpath solution; as we would have to shell out a Mill to the former company we came from to keep the existing helpdesk in tact, and F THAT.

I second your opinion and this is not common but IMHO good practice. Now depend how the application itself interface with database, indicatind fields directly or not. I can look through the logs over weekend to see whereabouts. Anyway I’m on MySQL and I’m gonna test your suggestion.

Beware that with Fastpath/Webchat, we are experiencing dropped chat users, and this is very a bad thing for customer service. The chat users will be stuck on the “You are currently number 1 in the queue. It is estimated that your wait time will be less than 1 minute.” queue page. I believe the issue is with version we use of dwr.jar. An upgrade maybe useful to try and solve it. Just a quick check, are folks here good with Java programming? :slight_smile: