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Openfire Database Schema Design for Postgres

Hi All, this is my first interaction with Openfire. I am involved in understanding and customizing the src code of the openfire sever.

The main obstacle for me is I don’t have a database schema diagram (Postgres) for the sever. There are around 35-40 tables in our schema and most of which are empty. I have tried creating a diagram for the same but it got quite tedious and moreover I was not sure of its credibility.Having an understanding of the schema will be of tremendous help. I have searched it on the net but couldn’t succeeded. There is a web page(http://www.igniterealtime.org/builds/openfire/docs/3.5.0_rc1/documentation/datab ase-guide.html) which only describes the table structure, not the relation between them. I solicit your help if you can provide me the same.chema Design