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Openfire Database


I recently installed Openfire and during the setup process intended to connect the application to a new SQL server database I had created. HOwever, during the setup process it would not accept the database path with the newly created database name specified:

databjdbc:jtds:sqlserver://<SQL server IP address>:1433/<new database name>;appName=jive - probably because the user details I specified weren’t correct for the database.

SO instead I just removed the new database name and the setup let me proceed (i.e. databjdbc:jtds:sqlserver://<SQL server IP>:1433;appName=jive). Can you tell me what database the software is now using as it is obviously not using the database I created…? Also is it possible to re-direct the software to the new SQL database now that it is installed?

Apologies for the basic question.


take a look at the openfire/conf/openfire.xml file, there you should see which database is used.

If you find there something like embedded-db-provider it’s the HSQLDB and you should find some files in openfire/embedded-db/