Openfire DB table jiveID and value idType


I’ve had a dig around and can’t find anything that tells me what the values mean for the ‘idType’ field in the jiveID table - does anyone have a definitive list of what they are ?

I currently have ‘idType’ values of 18 and 19 whose corresponding ‘id’ field values are quite high so I’m assuming these are something to do with roster groups.

I would like to understand what the various entries are in the jiveID table as I would like to delete some of the entries from the offline message table for users that have long since been deleted but don’t want to mess anything up.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Martyn,

as far as I know they are used as application managed sequences, so they will increase when you add a user, a roster entry or something else to make sure that these objects have unique IDs.

Usually one should use the Openfire API to delete things but this is of course not always possible.

I think that the off line messages can be deleted without problems.



Thanks for the prompt reply - I was just curious as to what the values meant.

I have idTypes of 18, 19, 23 and 57 - the first two have id values in the 1000’s which I would assume is something to do with roster items and roster groups but the last 2 values are 4 and 1 respectively.

If there’s any documentation, maybe in the API spec, that describes what these values are used for I would be interested to take a look.


Hi Martyn,

one could look in the source code or try to ask this question in the developer forum.


Cross-referancing database entries, I’ve come to the following conclusions about ofID mappings. The numbers and data type match, so this is an educated guess.

**idType Table.Field **
**18 ** ofRoster.rosterID & ofRosterGroups.rosterID
19 ofOffline.messageID
23 ofMucAffiliation.roomID & ofMucRoom.roomID
**25 ** ofSecurityAuditLog.msgID
125 ofGatewayRegistration.registrationID


I’ve collected some of them (I hope all) and wrote a document, see ID Types and JiveIDs.