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Openfire deleted all user information

none of my users have been able to use Spark IM this morning. I opened the openfire server and after login, it walked me through the setup process again. Now I have no users. I created myself as a user but it will not let my Spark IM login. at first, it says “unable to verify certificate”. I went to advanced and selected “accept all certificates” and then it says “Invalid username or password”. If I use the admin login, it logs in. I would like to get all my previous users back without having to rebuild, but if I can’t I would like to know how to get ONE user to be able to log in before I rebuild the entire user list.

are you using local users or ldap? sounds like your database become corrupt or locked. do you have backups? openfire is super easy to restore from backup if running with the embedded db. simply stop openfire, and then overwrite all the files in your opefire folder with those from backup. start openfire.

forgive me, but I have no idea what you mean. I always just clicked launch admin, and added or deleted users and/or groups. A few months ago, it was converted to an online database i think and when i launched the admin this morning, everything was gone.

If you don’t do backups or don’t know how exactly your server is setup, then it won’t be possible to get your users back.

What do you put into username/domain fields in Spark when you login with admin? I suppose ‘admin’ as a user and your server’s name as domain. You should put the same value into domain field for your new user and you should put new user’s username instead of admin. When you created your new user, Username was the first field in the form.

You can also check Spark logs at (for Windows) C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Spark\logs
There are a bunch of files, look through all of them and select events that correlate with the time you are trying to login.