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Openfire details

Hi All,

I am making study Analysis on openfire, i have some questions regarding the openfire:

  1. what is the overview structure of openfire

2)openfire features

  1. openfire components and how each component works

4)openfire features…

Thanking all of you in Advance

Hi All,

I am waiting for a reply…

HI All,

Any suggestions…

HI All,

Any reply… i ll be thankful if there is a reply…

Well, is it your study or someone has to do it for you? Too many complex questions here. I dont understand what is “overview structure”. Openfire features are too numerous to name all: XMPP basic protocol support, messaging, MUC, Shared groups, LDAP integration, plugins framework, etc. Read the documentation http://www.igniterealtime.org/projects/openfire/documentation.jsp and maybe you’ll find something or you should check the source code to understand how components actually work.

Hi wroot Thanks alot for the reply ,

I want to study by myself , i have been asked in the college to make open source Instant messaging application so that we can customize it according to our needs that is why i have asked about the openfire overview , structure , component , features …

Because i have to understand it before customize anything , and also if there is any error arised during the compilation/deploying i have to be aware for the location of the error and if am not well understanding about the full component and the , without knowing well the application flow i will not be able to trace and fix the errors.

I have started going through the jabber/xmpp documentation , so is that enough or there is some additional documentation on openfire

I’m not aware of any detailed Openfire documentation which would describe everything. One would have to read the source, source comments and javadocs. XMPP documentation won’t be enough as it only the guidelines how it should work, but every developer doing this in his own way.