Openfire devs seeing all of the posts about clients getting kicked off?

Hi Gato and Daniel,

Have you guys noticed the large number of forum posts noting issues with having chat clients getting kicked off Openfire for being idle? I ran into this as well, but can’t seem to figure out what is happening. It is like the idle connection counter is not getting updated for all types of traffic. Anyway, here is a listing of some of the forum posts noting this problem:

I am racking up the clearspace points suggesting the setting of xmpp.client.idle to -1

Any comments on this?



Hey daryl,

Good summary of posts. I was a little away from forums so I totally missed them so your post was very helpful. It seem that there are a few different cases in those threads. Some of them are using http-binding. Http-binding has been greatly improved for 3.6.0 and more things are still being added. Other cases seem to be related to new version of clients (e.g. Adium) and other are just using Spark that has not been updated for a while. In the case of Adium or Pidgin it seems to be a client issue with the new version as mentioned in those threads. But besides the library problem I wonder if they changed the way they do heartbeats? Regarding Spark it could very well be that some client is sending incorrect XML that is causing Spark to be disconnected. Probably checking the Spark logs will give more information.


– Gato

Hi Gato,

Thanks for the response. I found some more posts:

For me, this problem appeared one day with OF 3.5.1 and certain versions Pidgin it seemed. Once 3.6.0 is released with XMPP Ping support, I’ll drop the xmpp.client.idle setting and see what happens.