Openfire Disallowed Character Problem


I’ve downloaded the latest official releases of Openfire and Sparkweb yesterday (9/9/08) and after setting it all up, I cannot log into Sparkweb. All the happens when I try to log in is it bounces back to the login page and an error is generated in openfire’s warn.log muttering something about Disallowed Characters (org.apache.mina.filter.codec.ProtocolDecoderException: java.lang.Exception: Disallowed character) . The actual error message is in the attached document.

From looking around the forums I see a few people have had similar problems and there are various debates about flash doing something funny, or trailing 0 byte characters at the end of strings, etc. No solutions though - has anyone got a patch for openfire (of sparkweb) yet that fixes this and allows sparkweb to work?

Either that can someone point me to the previous versions of sparkweb and openfire - seemingly this problem has only appeared with the latest versions of the product. I’m no doubt being stupid but I cannot find any links to downloading previous versions.

Many thanks

openfire_error.txt (2141 Bytes)

I found this was due to having too many options in the index.html file or SparkWeb. This was my post with the solution I made a few days ago:

Thanks the fix worked a treat I can now actually login using sparkweb.