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Openfire Display Board

This may be a simple ‘No’ which I’m fine with but let me give some detail.

Working as a general dogsbody for a print shop which also has in-house designers. I’ve installed Openfire and Spark (quite successfully, love this software) so the designers upstairs can chat to the print room downstairs and vice versa, saves a lot of shouting and trudging around. It’s only a small place but it saves time when someones putting the kettle on.

My query is does anyone know of a plugin/piece of software that can (preferably) be integrated with Spark/Openfire to act as a ‘display’ board. The current sticking point is that the people upstairs can’t see the print queue so they may send a proof down which gets caught up with a customers job and confusion ensues. I’d like someway for the print person downstairs to be able to list the current jobs and queue so it’s easily visible, ideally without involving another piece of software (designers and managers can be intransigent people, Spark was enough of a shift)

for clarity I am a monkey banging rocks together when it comes to code and I’d like to keep it internal rather than rely on a web based service.

thanks in advance