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Openfire docs gone?

Checked today to find that the javadocs for Openfire and Smack have gone! What happened to them?



This is probably because this forum was moved to new backend version 3.0.0. I have already reported to jive about the missing changelogs. Maybe they will notice all other problems too.

Hi Leon,

You can still get to the various pieces of documentation but you have to download the source to the project you’re interested in.

Hope that helps,

Not related to updated backend. Sadly, these broken links were my mistake. Fixed a few hours ago, but I just noticed this thread.


Ah… I stand corrected. Still broken. I’m investigating.

And finally, actually, fixed. Sorry about that.

Smack docs are ok, but openfire no.

Can you try again? I wonder if you had a keep-alive connection from the apache httpd that didn’t know about the corrected configuration.

it’s working with IE, so you are probably right. just dont want to restart Firefox right now. thanx