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Openfire does not support registration feature when using bosh

Hi all,

I am quite sure I did something wrong in the openfire config…(or that something is missing)…

I hope somebody could help me to fix this.

I am currently running a 3.7.1 version with a agsXmpp client sdk…

Everything was running just smooth but I was using basic tcp model (port 5222). It was possible to me to register users as the returned “<stream:features…” contains element “register”.

But, since I am using bosh (port 7070), I cannot register users anymore: the “<stream:features…” DOES NOT contain element “register”.

It is so weird to me that the communication model has an impact on the delivered openfire features…but this is what I can see now.

Note that I do not believe that something is missing in the client side (agsXmpp is intended to support bosh) as openfire states that this an unsupported feature using bosh.

Note also that I do not want to use the user service plug in to implement the registration feature (for security reason).

Again, I probably missed somthing…but I do not know where to check


Any help would be welcome.


I got some additional information from ags dev team.

They are apparently aware of this Openfire issue. They told me that Bosh implementation is not yet finalized in Openfire…and a bit custom.

Is there somebody who knows if registration through Bosh is planned in Openfire ?