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Openfire domain name questions

Hi, I have setup my own OpenFire server and has specificed a domain name (i.e. example.com)

However, I cannot connect to the server as a client using example.com, i will have to provide the actual ip address. Is this common for everyone else? If not, what is the cause?

Thanks in advance!


Any XMPP client will attempt to lookup the proper IP address of your server by trying to resolve it through a DNS SRV query. Are your DNS settings correct?

This example.com domain name should be resolvable by a client you want to connect from. It should be added into DNS or in that client’s hosts file.

Well, i think this should be the reason.

I did not perform any DNS setup, how can i do it?

In you DNS server you will have to add a host example.com pointing to this server’s IP, if your setup is just a simple LAN network. If you won’t this to work in the internet, you will have to add DNS SRV records in you domain management console. Can’t tell much about the latter, haven’t done this myself.