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OpenFire & “double-byte” character alphabets issues


I have been considering using openfire (fastpath) to offer customers the ability to communicate with us via IM.

I need to enable communication for customers speaking either english, chinese, japanese, korean and russian.

After a look at previous posts on this community, I have noticed that some of you have experienced problems with “double-byte” character alphabets.

I would be interested to hear from people who have successfully implemented this system for any of the languages above mentioned.

And also from those who have been having problems…



Moved this thread from “testing general” to “openfire support” to make sure that Gato & others noticed it.

Hey Hakim,

Openfire uses UTF-8 to communicate with the clients. Many times people forget to configure their database to use UTF-8 and when that happens information stored in the DB is sometimes lost/corrupted. As long as you have your DB and JDBC driver properly configured you should be fine. Are you running into any issues with “double-byte” characters?


– Gato

We have been using double byte utf-8 characters on Openfire for some time without a problem.


Thanks for the previous replies.

Will UTF-8 encoding allow for Russian, Chinese, Japanese & Korean languages?

I’ve already seen on previous posts that Russian and Chinese had been implemented successfully.

I’d like to hear from implementations of Japanese and Korean.



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