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Openfire Enterprise is becoming Open Source

Adding on to Daniel’s comment – Openfire will never depend on Clearspace, as that would simply be silly for an Open Source project. Our hope is that Openfire is so easy to setup and use and so valuable that just about everyone will want to have it. If it’s then super easy to also use Clearspace with Openfire (per choice), that seems like a good and reasonable thing.

is there any way to get an evaluation license now so one can test compatibly and need for these features before it is released? I cannot seem to install it without the license and the license link seams to be dead.

RobAlexander and comador,

We’ll continue to support Fastpath via our commercial support organization, but that really only means critical bug fixes and not new features. Our hope is that Fastpath can thrive as an Open Source project, which will mean new features and energy. We’d love to see Fastpath supported in Sparkweb, but we won’t have time to implement that ourselves in the near future.




I’d like to show you how we’re using Fastpath in our Clearspace communities. Please private message me if you’re interested in a demo. I think it would be very beneficial for Jive to invest resources into supporting Fastpath in SparkWeb and/or SparkAIR and/or integrating Fastpath into Clearspace.



thank you form Kings Instant Messenger for making enterprise server free as I am a small public server but would like to offer the sparkweb on my messenger

thank you admin K.I.M CHAT

Give me license file for Enterprise edition in openfire…tell me how use this enterprise license file in openfire…!

YEAH!!! Thank you so much for this! Can´t wait to test the first OpenSource-release!

so is free enterprise product available now? if yes then where can I download it from?


The original enterprise plugin has been divided into several opensource plugins. Clustering is not available as an opensource product as it is based on licensed code.