Openfire Enterprise license good through May 12th

As you may know we decided to make the Enterprise edition of Openfire open source. The functionality will be available as several plugins around April 21st. Since we have been receiving lots of requests to try the Enterprise edition and in order to make it easier for everyone to try it out we decided to provide here a license that will be good until May 12th.

Once the open source plugins are released, existing customers or installations using this license will need to migrate the DB content. We will provide a migration DB scripts to make the transition simple.

Here is the license that you need to paste in the admin console:

PD94bWwgdmVyc2lvbj0iMS4wIiBlbmNvZGluZz0iVVRGLTgiPz4KPGxpY2Vuc2U+PGxpY2Vuc2VJRD4 x

MjEyMjwvbGljZW5zZUlEPjxwcm9kdWN0Pk9wZW5maXJlIEVudGVycHJpc2U8L3Byb2R1Y3Q+PGxpY2V u

c2VUeXBlPkV2YWx1YXRpb248L2xpY2Vuc2VUeXBlPjxuYW1lPkRhcnlsbCBKYWNvYnNvbjwvbmFtZT4 8









By the way will you add XEP-0136 functionality to yours server side message archive(part of former Enterprise plugin) as it is in Community Open Archive plugin,

vanaf, read this -enterprise-into-an-open-source-product

This license only allows one cluster member. Could you provide an alternate that will allow testing of Enterprise’s clustering feature?

Can we possibly get a license that lasts longer? I’m trying to get a Fastpath webclient going for our company’s website for support and I can’t do that yet with the OpenSource Fastpath.

Hey Drew,

We are no longer providing enterprise licenses since most of its functionality is now open source. We still need to move the workgroup API and make it open source. Is that the piece that is missing for you? If not then I’m curious why you cannot use the open source fastpath?


– Gato


Thanks for the reply.

Honestly the confusion set in with the license type of Spark Fastpath Webchat still being set to commercial. That was the functionality I was looking for. I had installed the plugin with the open source version of Fastpath and misunderstood the instructions asking about the server name and port. I thought it was asking for a commercially licensed Enterprise server. I spent about three hours last night working with it and finally got it to recognize my server. It took a while trying to get it to take my fqdn since it is not my domain name.

Thank you for the reply though,



Thanx for thowing some light on the enterprise plugin, today it gave me a licence error and when i restarted the plugin , it vanished and was sitting there as an open source …openfire enterpriseplugin, however the features of sparkweb and archiving as told earlier were not there…could u tell when its going to be enabled…

ThanKs in advance

Hey WoodyBrain(s),

I’m not sure what happened in your setup. Anyway, you should stop the server, remove the enterprise plugin and download the new open source plugins. The monitoring plugin is the one that adds archiving support. Also make sure to use the latest Openfire version. Sparkweb is a standalone product now. Search for tThe URL to download it.

– Gato


it finally worked after removing the enterprise plugin and restarting the server. Thanx again.

I have a few questions on clustering. Is there a temp key licence for clustering support. we have multiple servers running in our office.

Thanx in advance