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Openfire, external IM

I have setup an Openfire server. Openfire is installed on a external server. I can connect to it from an external source. I can’t add anyone or see anyone on line from other sources such as msn, yahoo etc. What am I missing? I can setup two users on the openfire server and they can see eachother but nobody else??? please help.

openfire server will only allow you to chat with users actually on the openfire server. to talk to external chat servers you need to manually add those users to your roster. No additional software is need if they are XMPP based ids. If they are AIM, MSN , etc you need to install additional plugins to chat with those users. The external chat plugin is called Kraken. read the announcements at the top of the community for links.

ok so I have it setup. What i am trying to achieve is to have multiple users on the openfire server and have them all be able to see across to msn, aim, etc. to they each have to have thier own transport? From what I see when i register a transport it connect to msn etc. as me. Will other users come across to the other networks as me? I guess what I am looking for is “global” transport.

Each user on Openfire will have to register to a transport with their external credentials (msn, yahoo, etc. login and password), so they won’t use the same login.