Openfire fails silently on startup

The linux installation instructions are exceptionally poor for this product. There appear to be large gaps in the steps necessary, and as a result the application not only fails to start up, but it fails even to indicate why it can’t start.

Following the documentation, (using Hypersonic database), I get to launching openfire, and issuing

> ./openfire start

Starting openfire

nohup: appending output to ‘nohup.out’


At this point, absolutely nothing shows up in nohup.out, and I cannot connect to the application on the administrator port.

What gives?



Oh, I see from other comments that I’m looking in the wrong place for feedback. Unfortunately ‘feedback’ means tailing 5 separate logfiles at once. Is there a way to turn that ‘feature’ off so that my output is in one log file?

It appears that my problems were: port collision, and expecting to be able to remotely administer. Speaking of, how do i set it up to allow remote administration? In a production environment, I would never have X running on my server box (although it seems to be trendy lately to require it…)