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Openfire fails to load a dedenpant class in a jar ball for plugin

Hi everybody here,

I am currently running into a wierd problem that I have developed a plugin myself, which in turn depends on some other libraries, say other.jar, everything worked fine before that dependant jar ball, but now when I have this other.jar, openfire complains

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class com.test.Version

which is just a class in the jar ball, the wierd thing is there is another class/resource in the same other.jar can be loaded without an error but this class. And the Version class is in the jar ball for sure.

I placed other.jar in ${OPENFIRE_HOME}/lib, I have this problem,

I placed other.jar in ${MY_PLUGIN_HOME}/lib, I still have this problem

Anybody knows what is going go ?