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OpenFire failure with Active Directory

OpenFire 3.8.1 (and tried 3.8.2)

Windows 2003

Active Directory/LDAP

Embedded db

BaseDN: cn=Users;dc=mydomain, dc=local

AdminDN: openfire@mydomain.local

Test Settings shows success.

Username field: sAMAccountName

PROBLEM #1: When trying to add an administrator account from LDAP, it returns “No username was provided or the specified username was not found.”

PROBLEM #2: When trying to change the password on the Administrator Account screen, it returns “There was an unexpected error encountered…” Error log shows error loading plugin Search.

So, skip this step to finalize the install.

Using Spark, I can log in with network credentials. Life is good.

PROBLEM 3: Try to log in to admin console, no joy. Either using admin/admin or network administrator account/password.

PROBLEM 4: Restart OpenFire. Try to connect with Spark and get told invalid username and password.

Reboot the whole machine, same issues. Previous installation of OpenFire was working great until we tried to get the AD part to work.

Tried on two different machines and no joy on either. Windows XP and Windows 8.1

Use AD naming in both cases

  1. BaseDN: cn=Users, dc=mydomain, dc=local
  2. AdminDN: CN=openfire,OU=users,dc=mydomain,dc=local

Ding Ding Ding. We have a winner!

I didn’t have the OU part. I recommend others use this tool to find out their exact DN: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb963907.aspx

Thanks for the help!

If you do know everything, why do you asking for help?

to get my openfire working with AD (Server 2008R2) I had to do the initial setup using 3.7.1 because the AD test is 3.8.1/3.8.1 does not work. Also, my BaseDN required " " marks around the entries. . i.e BaseDN: DC=“domain”,DC=“local”

Administrative DN adminaccount@domain.local

the same " " marks need to be entered into your ldap.searchfilters and ldap.groupsearchfilter

it for mine

(&(memberOf=CN=“openfire_users”,OU=“openfire”,OU=“security_groups”,OU=“domain”,D C=“domain”,DC=“internal”))