Openfire, FastPath, and LDAP abnormalities

I am on Openfire 3.9.3, I have users using LDAP, and using FastPath.

Here is what I have found:

If let’s say I have a user whose log in is: DOMAIN\First Last, I cannot add this user to the admin console or add them as an agent to a FastPath queue because they have a SPACE in their name.

How can I fix this? Or, how can I bypass it? NOTE: I’d rather NOT change everyone’s log in as that will destroy some of their network shares and would be extremely time consuming.

Here is a photo of when I try to add a user that has a space in their name:

This also happens EVEN THOUGH I use the browse and select the user that way, it still fails and I get the exact same error.

Thank you for the support.

-Leroy F.

You may try adding such users like: first\20last. Though it may just add such a user instead of escaping a space. Other than that, can’t suggest anything else. Fastpath plugin is old and hasn’t been updated for 5+ years, so it doesn’t have any illegal chars escaping mechanism.

Thanks wroot. I inadvertently figured this out today and came back to post the \20 as the answer but it appears that I am 5 days too late!