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Openfire + fastpath + redfire

We are using Openfire + Spark + Redfire . It is working Fine .

As well as We are using fastpath service also. Iti is also working fine .

But Now we want voice chat with web client from fastpath agent .

When i tried this , the voice chat window is opening at agent(Spark) side .,at client(Web customer) side Voice chat request is not comming from agent .

And there is no option at Webchat window for voice call .

Please help me .

Hi Srini,

How did you setup the sparkweb and fastpath. When i tried to do it, my sparkweb is not seeing the fastpath related items.

Any help is appreciated. Also are you using the red5 screenshare. Does it give a professional look and feel.



hi srini ,

According to my info , sparkweb is not fully developed to work with fastpath plugin


Rahul Akula


We are using Spark as client not SparkWeb .

There web client means , webchat window form website , webchat will work by installing fastpath amd webchat plugins in Openfire.