Openfire federation with lync server

Hi Guys,

In my organistation alredy having lync communicator,more then user in windows some of the few user in linux so i have configure openfire server with AD login is fine problem is linux spark user need to communicate with lync user its posible ? with sigle domain ?

I found some of community same domain is not posible !! any other option please all the spark user need to communicate with lync



any suggestions please, i want know its posible with same domain?

Replying here only because this post comes up on Google searches.

The question isn’t very clear, but let me clarify a few points:

  1. Simply using the same directory back end (Active Directory) for authentication won’t automatically allow chats between Lync and Spark users. It does simplify things, since users can have the same username and password.

  2. As far as I know the Lync client is purely a SIP client, it doesn’t do XMPP, so a Lync client can’t directly talk to a Spark client via an Openfire server.

  3. Spark is purely an XMPP client, and Lync server does not accept client XMPP connections, so a Spark client can’t talk to a Lync client via a Lync server.

  4. Lync does have an XMPP service for server-to-server connections. Others have demonstrated (and I have verified) an Openfire and Lync server can communicate with each other and pass along messages from their native clients (Spark in the case of Openfire, Lync client for Lync).

  5. Currently I do not know of any implementation where server-to-server connections between Lync and Openfire can be made securely. We have tried and failed to get Lync to use TLS for this. The Lync XMPP service crashes when Openfire tries to open a TLS connection to it. Openfire can use server-to-server connections secured by TLS when talking to other XMPP servers.

  6. In all cases your Openfire and Lync servers would service different domains. By definition each XMPP server (or server cluster, if you’re using a clustering solution like Hazelcast for a particular product like Openfire) cannot service domains already serviced by another server. The best you can do is have clients on the different domains talk across server-to-server connections to each other.

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