Openfire Federation

Hello everyone.

I have 2 different domains.



Each domain has openfire server.I want federate this servers.

Who have documentation?


There is an option to enable Server to server communication in Admin console. You should add each server to other’s whitelist. There is no special documentstion for this.

i enabled remote connections and added each server to whitelist.but i can icant find the user1.site1.local with site2.local client.

That was the basic first step. Are you able to resolve site1 server’s name from site2? It has to be in the DNS or in the host file on that server (same for both servers). Also make sure your firewall is allowing traffic on the port which should be shown on server to server port.

i can ping fqdn of each server.i added hosts file. i cant add users. i think servers dont have trust among them.they are in different domain.

To clarify, you can ping fqdn of a server and this server’s name is the same as its xmpp.domain of Openfire server?