Openfire fire very slow response

I am on Openfire 3.7. I need to know how to I clear the cache every day to have good performance or should I rebounce/restart openfire every week/day. After a while, The chat is becoming very very slow. Please advice. If I rebounce / restart openfire, then the existing customer in Chat session will loose connection. Do we have any existing script or cron utility to do so.

Disable PEP and enable a GC log. Or check the memory usage in the admin console when Openfire is getting slow. This is likely related to too little memory or a PEP memory leak.

Thanks for the reply. I am using Jappix Mini with Openfire 3.7. If I disable PEP, then I think the chat will not work. I am not sure. Please advice.

Please advice if below is fine.

cronjob: /etc/init.d/openfire restart everyday during the night, while your connected user number is low.