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Openfire first use and a first problem

Hi for all who ll try to help me !

I just installed openfire v3.6.4 under windows vista family premium and made the server setup “correctly” (I hope) I left everything by default juste changed the domaine name to “messenger” (its the name I want to give to the server) and changed the admin email to mymail@gmail.com and a password ! all this in the embedded db of openfire ! but when trying to access the admin consol by and using the correct log and password I doesn t connect saying I m using bad login and or password.

I really need help !

any suggestions ?


did you restart Openfire after the installation?


PS: I’d set the domain name to a real domain name and setup DNS records for it, using “messenger” as the domain name will make it hard for clients to resolve the name.

Announcement 4: Read this to be able to login to Admin Console after the installation

Openfire 3.6.4 has a bug, which prevents user to login to Admin Console on the last step of the setup. You have to restart Openfire after the installation (stop and then start it again). Only then it will be possible to login to Admin Console. This bug should be fixed in 3.6.5 version.