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Openfire for mac can`t download

@ForumSupport Hi Team, I have trouble while download the openfire. The download speed is so slowly, and just serval kb. Also I have tried to change computer and connect the VPN to make it better. But it failure. Pls help. It`s better to contact me by mail, deepindo@sina.com. Wish you reply.

Anybody can download the newest version Openfire for me , mail address: deepindo@sina.com. Thx!

Got it. I think it have some issue with the vpn channel. Thx!

Great, thanks for the update. Our binaries are distributed via Github’s CDN, so typically when users see issues the problem is with Github’s CDN and waiting an hour or so will clear up the problem.

Please note that the ForumSupport group is meant for requests regarding the forum software, not for Ignite Realtime product requests.