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Openfire for new blockchain!

we are looking at building new blockchain and want to see how practical openfire will be in this technology ?

What you guys think ?

BTW , the openfire server will be used as a sub-master server to serve many nodes (mining nodes), there will be many sub-master nodes talking to each other. We have good experience in Openfire, and we love the fact it’s cross platform and very extendable using plugins and also it does offer some basic security.

I don’t quite understand this question. There’s nothing blockchain-specific in Openfire, or in XMPP for that matter. Using Openfire as a communication platform in which nodes talk to each-other should be very feasible though - that’s essentially what XMPP allows you to do: communicate in a distributed, federated fashion.

I predict, that in 2018 there will be a Blockchain XEP using PubSub :smiley:


@guus For sure I’m talking to the communication part of the blockchain, and I understand openfire has no relation by default with the blockchain technologies. In Ethereum the network is truly P2P, they do have some master nodes for discovery (holds only ip addresses for all nodes), but otherwise connection is P2P (25K nodes in Ethereum), I was thinking about this, we want to have our master nodes as Openfire without any P2P, so tens or hundreds of openfire instances all making one huge distributed network. The main requirement of any blockchain network, is the ability to be truly distributed and no one point of failure. For that I was think to use the openfire hazelcast plugin (we have some experience with it) but within the same datacenter , not sure how hazelcast will function when those cluster nodes are distributed across the globe, would the cluster function correct?

@Paul_Schaub could you please elaborate about the PubSub EXP , how would that fit into Blockchain ? I also had bad experience with XEP as not all client libraries support them, most of the times we end up writing our own Plugin / IQ to get make it work for all clients

I was not really serious here :blush:.
PubSub is mainly used to publish data to a server, which then distributes it to clients which subscribe to that node, so I thought it might be useful to publish blocks, but I’m only basing that assumption on what I imagine how the blockchain works.

You just lost few millions of free tokens :stuck_out_tongue:

We are already working on the idea to use Openfire to power decentralised communications in Ethereum. Take a look at etherlynk

As far as i know for clautering two or more nodes of openfire server we need all server under the same data center.

Not sure how this will going to work globally.

I am big fan of block chain and curious to know how openfire server can be used for that.:yum: