Openfire forces client to fail


i am using openfire and i have the issue that everytime i start my jabber client i have to change a setting to be able to login. using ssl…

(i have to enable cleartype/plaintext logon every time… )

this is an issue that comes from openfire and NOT from the client. -> why you may ask? ejabberd(another jabber server) does not do such shenanigans with my client.

how to fix that issue?


What client are you using? Is your client advanced enough to print out the packets that are coming from the server?



it has a networkmonitor. but dunno whether it allows to debug on a productive way…

that is what i found error related.

well i found a work around. i edited the conf file directly, and now i have my freedom.

it is realy strange and sounds a bit ridiculous that the conf resets itselfs when using openfire.