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Openfire FreeBSD port: call for help

I’m quoting a post of my colleague Pietro who maintained the FreeBSD port of OpenFire for many years:


you are receiving this email because in the past we have been in touch for things related to the OpenFire port on FreeBSD.

I fear I don’t have the resources to maintain the port anymore. My public call for help is here:

If you can do anything to help, especially taking the port under your wing and be a maintainer, please do. I can still be involved and push patches through, assumed they come from a reliable source (read: you).

I will release maintainership soon anyway, so please consider coming forth if you care about the port’s health.


Pietro Cerutti

He took the port over mainly because I was nagging him back then but I do not have the time right now to do the testing he requires. If anyone can jump in, please talk to him. Email: gahr at freebsd.org.

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