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OpenFire - Google Talk Federation

I am very new to OpenFire & Jabber. I’ve a OpenFire which is configured on **im.domain.com **which runs on AWS EC2 Micro Instance.

I want to federate my OpenFire so, GTalk users can chat with my users. I have chnaged my SRV Records on GoDaddy as seen here but when I test this using http://kingant.net/check_xmpp_dns/?h=jabber.org it fails. Please help me, Thanks in advance.

Can you be more specific about what you changed and what ‘fails’?

Do you have tcp/5269 open to the Internet? Is your firewall indicating any tcp/5269 packets are being dropped?

Is your SRV record pointing to an A record containing an outside IP of your environment?
Do you have S2S enabled in Openfire?


There was a problem with the Name of the SRV Records, and now lookups are showing correct records. The problem is that when I add a OpenFire User into my GTalk it shows that user needs an account and no Open Communication is available. When I check it on IMTrends; it is showing that PEP, Server-To-Server Stream and Client-To-Server SSL Stream is not available. Is there anything else to do? I doubt that can be a problem a DNS Resolution?