Openfire Group Chat

Hello -

I want to enable group chat using out Openfire server and Spark client. I created a Group Chat Service and gave the relevant group Administrator rights. When I go to Spark, and I even tried this with Pidgin, I can create the the room and it shows up in the list, but I cannot join it. I cannot join it until I go into the Openfire Admin Console and give the group (same group I gave admin rights to the service) and add them as an owner in the room settings. Then it works!

I would like to be able to create a group chat on the fly and invite people without having to go into the admin console.

Is there something I’m messing up or is there anywhere I could look to see I’m messing something up?



Which version of Openfire? How did you give a group admin rights to the conference service? I didn’t think that was supported, but only for individual rooms.