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Openfire hangs every day

Hello, I’m hoping to get some assistance on an Openfire issue please.

Previously Openfire setup was on Debian squeeze, Openfire 3.7.0, MySQL database and authentication with local accounts. About a month ago we went upgraded to 3.7.1 and went to authentication with LDAP on a Windows domain controller. Since then, there has been a number of issues, I am making this thread about the issue that is causing the most disruption.

Every day (sometimes 23 hours or 24 or 25) every client seems to go offline and cannot log back in. To get clients to log back in, openfire must be restarted. When this happens I can still got onto the admin console, Java memory doesn’t seem to be high. Under the sessions tab, I can still see all the sessions as authenticated, but offline.

If I log onto the server command line, CPU and memory usage seems fine, using netstat and ss I can still see established TCP sessions for Openfire clients and the Openfire service is still listening on its ports. There is not anything useful in the logs and as above, there are not any obvious signs of something going wrong.

The domain controller is not busy and it is on the same LAN as the Openfire server (which is a virtual machine). The Java VM has been increased by a lot to 2.25Gb and the issue still persists, I have disabled PEP also and it does not make any difference. There is around 400 concurrent users on the server so Java VM should not be too low.

I have read a lot of threads similar to my problem but it doesn’t look like anyone found a solution to this kind of problem. Thank you in advance for any assistance.

I have not experienced this with AD integration. I suggest you install the java monitor plugin


http://community.igniterealtime.org/blogs/ignite/2009/08/18/new-openfire-monitor ing-plugin

Hello Dele, Thank you for the suggestion, I checked out the monitoring tool and it looks very useful. Unfortunately this is in a corporate environment and as such we cannot permit network access to an outside server. Do you know is there a version of the plugin that can display monitoring locally?

Also it turns out we had LDAP connection pooling disabled, I have enabled this to see if this helps. Do you have connection pooling used in your Openfire environment?