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Openfire hostname change


I need to change the openfire hostname to match the dns name. I’ve looked through the forums and have not found much information on what issues I’d expect when this change happens.

So far he areas I found where

  • SSL cert regeneration to mach dns name

  • Server uses AD auth for all users, user logs in username@servername.domain.com / when the name change happens will these users be able to connect with no issues with username@dnsservername.domain.com?

  • I have backed up the user roster list in the event for some reason users are unable to view their roster.

Anything else I need to prepare for?

Thanks in advance

Rosters are linked to the JIDs. Most likely they will no longer be present when you change the server name.

I’m assuming that I can global change the roster xml export file to point to the new dns name and import it back. Is this not correct?

Dont know exacly how to help you, but i can say that Openfire uses the Domain name that you set on instalation to create/generate the HASH passwords.

If you change the Domain, your users can´t login anymore.

This is only true with openfire setups that are not using LDAP.

Thanks for all your responses. A clarification here, I only like to change the hostname not the domain name. The Domain will stay the same and nothing changes on the ldap side of things.

external FQDN = openfire server name = XMPP.domain = self generated certificates in openfire.