Openfire How to and more


I’m new to Openfire and I was wondering if there is a How to about it.

Also, I am trying to test Openfire and I can test the chat feature with an account and, so both can chat eachother but my quetion is, Is there any way to establish a chat between and | does not have access to login to his/her personal account ( or yahoo) but he/she can chat with the already explained users.

Thanks in advanced for your help.


So, you want to chat with MSN or Yahoo messenger users? Then you need a gateway plugin/software. One of the best known for Openfire is Kraken IM Gateway. After adding this plugin you will be able to register to MSN, Yahoo and other networks with your login in your client and it will pull your contacts.

Take a look at the docs and book release (although dated still useful) nfire-administration

@wroot, thanks for your response.

Yes I’d like to chat with yahoo/MSN users but not login in to any MSN/yahoo servers, instead I’d like for example login to my openfire account and then add msn/yahoo contacts and then chat with them, the same way i do when I am with MSN Messenger where I add yahoo contacts and when they are online I can chat with them but being connected to MSN servers, Is it possible to do with Openfire+plugin?



No, this is not possible.

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Dear All,

I am a newbie to Openfire and found that Openfire is a powerful tool after I integrated with video-call, screen-share, ofmeet etc…

Since this post is few years old, I would like to know if there has been any release or plugin where a user from can chat with or without logging to yahoo or gmail.

My Openfire version : 4.0.2

There won’t be an option to not login to yahoo or gmail as these are closed networks. Google has actually turned away from xmpp and open standards, so there won’t be any federation. Yahoo seems like a dying breed waiting for someone to buy them out. I doubt they will invest into open network technology. The only option is still to login via some plugin. Spectrum is one of them, but still in development and not so trivial to deploy.