openfire 4.0.1 Chinese (41453 Bytes)

I have filed a ticket [OF-1088] Update Chinese Simplified translation - Jive Software Open Source

But i can’t apply your file. It is not in unicode format. When i try to copy its content in Eclipse, it converts most of the characters into unicode \uxxxx codes, but there are still a lot of noise left. Also if i compare a few strings, they look very different (see below). What exactly have you changed and why it looks so different to the currently available zh_CN (Chinese Simplified) translation? Maybe you wanted to add Chinese Traditional one (zh_TW)? I’m not a chinese, so it is very hard to understand what is going on and i don’t want to apply changed file blindly as it may break the current translation.

current: tab.server=\u670d\u52a1\u5668

new: tab.server=\u0436\u045A\u040C\u0435\u0409\u040E\u0435\u2122\u0401

noise example: sidebar.server-locale.descr=\u0437\u201A\u2116\u0435\u2021»\u0437®\u040E\u0437\u0452\u2020\u0438\u0407\u0438\u0401\u0402/\u0436\u2014¶\u0435\u040A\u0454\u0438®\u0455\u0437\u0405®

sorry,that is uft-8

this is unicode (44850 Bytes)

Thanks. Have made a pull request with your changes Update Chinese Simplified translation (OF-1088) by wrooot · Pull Request #542 · igniterealtime/Openfire · GitHub

I have only trimmed down the beginning of the file (a history of translation file). Someone should review the PR soon and apply it to the source.

The PR is merged.