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Openfire Identity Certificate Store

“One or more certificates are missing. Click** here **to generate self-signed certificates or here to import a signed certificate and its private key.”

“Internal server error: Unable to generate new self-signed DSA certificate. (generate)”

BUG or Feature in Openfire 4.1.3?

Works for me on a fresh 4.1.3 installation (although it automatically provides self-signed certificates, so i had to delete them first). On Windows. Anything in the error logs?

Yes, Windows Server 2016 Standard / MS SQL Server 2016 database/ Openfire 4.1.3

There has come time of updating of self-signed certificates.

I have cleared the folder openfire/logs. Start up openfire service. I have removed the existing certificates.

Press " Click here to generate self-signed certificates" -> get answer ““Internal server error: Unable to generate new self-signed DSA certificate. (generate)””

At Openfire/logs appeared file “stderr.out” with length 0 bytes.

No any other files appeared at all.

This is strange that there are no logs. You say that you start “openfire service”. Do you mean its service in Windows Services panel (services.msc) or do you mean Openfire Launcher (with a yellow bulb icon)? No logs issue might be related to the permissions/UAC problems. But if you run it as a service, it should be ok. Although some things might have changed in WS2016. Haven’t tried that version yet. I suppose installed into Program files?

UAC = off

Install dir: C:\Program Files (x86)\Openfire

Start as a service mean that it located in “control panel” -> “Administration” -> “Services” -> “Openfire”

file “C:\Program Files (x86)\Openfire\bin\openfire-service.exe”

and run as a “NT AUTHORITY\NetworkService”

Sorry, it’s my mistake: service openfire must be started as any administrator account with password. Not as “Network service”. All OK.

Yeah. By default it installs it as a Local System account service. Well, that’s good, as i was out of ideas