Openfire inconsistency with roster events


We are noticing some inconsistency with Openfires roster events.

When we add a contact who does not exist on the roster, the user is added to openfire with subscription state is NONE. When the user disconnects and logs in again, the roster event for that contact isn’t triggered and we miss that contact in our roster. This only happens when the contact is in a pending acceptance state. Can someone look into this and open a bug if necessary?

Version of openfire we are usiing : Openfire 3.9.3

Steps to reproduce:

User A adds B to his roster

User B adds A to his roster

Both disconnect without accepting the incoming request

User A and B log back int the system at a later time

A does not see B in his roster and vice versa.


Animesh Dwivedi

open fire is now to 4.0.2. Are you able to upgrade to see if that resolves your issue?

Thanks for the reply speedy.

We recently upgraded to Openfire 4.0.2 and this issue still exists. Also another thing I noticed is

When A adds B

  • B receives a AddContact request from A

  • A receives a roster update with pending subsricption. So far, so good.
    When B adds A

  • A receives a AddContact request

  • That’s it; no roster updates to indicate the pending subscription request.

Can somone please look into these and open a defect?



@Daryl Herzmann

Likely related to this?

I dont think so, because these are roster pushes that are not generated on first time adds. Also the roster events are not being triggered when user logs in again so the contact is missing from his roster on subsequent log in.