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Openfire install guide out of date... included CentOS-4 instructions

Well, after a few major headaches trying to follow the instructions on the website, I finally figured out it was easier than expected. I’'ve included here my steps for installing Openfire on CentOS-4, which should apply and work for CentOS-5 and other rpm based distros.

Within this guide sometimes there are instructions in <> representing areas where you should enter in a password specific to your install. If this is a default centOS install, and you have not changed it yet, the root password is blank. It is suggested you fix this before doing anything else.

There are also a few assumptions made here:

  • You want to setup a MySQL database

  • You want to make the database with the following info:

  • username: openfire

  • pasword: openfirepw

  • database name: openfire

You are encouraged to change these things and edit the code below.

  • You are using Linux, or more specifically CentOS-4

I hope this helps the dev’'s easily update the online instructions, since openfire rpm installs install a great service, and you cannot start openfire with openfire start | stop anymore because it is an openfire.sh file.

Double-click on openfire-3.3.1-1.i386.rpm and enter the root password if prompted, then click Continue

When it is completed, open the Terminal

Type (case sensitive!):

cd /opt/openfire/resources/database

mysql -u root -p

Click the button Login to the Admin Console

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