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Openfire Installation Requirements

Can Openfire share the server (Instance, Droplet) with other application servers or does it need a dedicated machine and OS server??

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Not sure I understand your question, but I use openfire with other services without problem.
“need not be a dedicated server”

Diorgenes is right, Openfire can co-exist with other apps on the same server. It’s a pure Java app that should play well with others (so long as you don’t try running anything on the same ports). Some of my test servers are a morass of apps, including Openfire, running happily together. The real question is whether there are sufficient resources for it to run. Take a look at this article for some rough estimates of what you’ll need:

Openfire Requirements | Ignite Realtime

Keep in mind that other services, like Apache (or nginx with fastcgi for php apps) or MySQL, can take up a substantial amount of CPU and RAM as well, so a lot depends on the mix of services other than Openfire you want to run. Also don’t neglect researching what kind of disk and network throughput you might need – Digital Ocean’s storage is all SSD so disk I/O shouldn’t be a problem but I’m not sure what they offer in terms of network interface capacity (which is not the same as bandwidth used).

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