Openfire installed, users can register, but cannot chat


I followed the setup procedure. looks the service is up and running.

I’ve enabled registration, registered users.

I added some plugins:

  • Broadcast
  • Client Control
  • MotD (Message of the Day)
  • Packet Filter
  • Registration
  • SIP Phone Plugin
  • Subscription
  • User Import Export

The users can register.

But they:

  1. don’t see other users online (when they are)
  2. cannot send messages to each other.

Ideas are welcome.



small update:

I created (as server admin) a group of contacts “testgroup”, and added the test users into it.

these users see a new group in buddies list as “testgroup”, and:

  • see each other when online/offline
  • can send messages

so, the problem is probably why can’t they have the people in their “Buddies” list.

Still help is appreciated.