Openfire Integration Into Website


If this topic is addressed in other areas please point me to it. I have successfully installed Openfire and I’m still figuring out what I’ve got and how to implement it.

I want to integrate it into my website, correlate the openfire logins with the website logins, and implement some kind of ‘popup-skin’ similarily used on this site (look in the lower right hand corner, the chat popup option you see there? … yes… that would be filled with “perfect” for my site, or something like it).

How would I go about making this happen?

Thank You

I found my own answers, for anyone interested in web integration there is: SparkWeb

See the following resources and you should get everything figured out:


I’ve found SparkWeb can be of assistance but is more of a Mainstream Web Client, not necessarily for integration into an existing website. However there is a plugin called: Fastpath Webchat

This is recommended over SparkWeb if you want to integrate chat into an existing website.


It looks like I’m involved in my own retard rodeo of thinking I have things figured out and then being totally wrong. From my research it appears WebChat and the Fastpath Webchat work hand in hand? And I’m lost. Is there a walkthrough for implementing these options?


I really would appreciate at the very least someone pointing me to documentation regarding the installation and correct application of SparkWeb & Fastpath Webchat as an option being installed into a website. Or a walkthrough of some kind.

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Would really appreciate someone with pointy fingers. Pointy fingers pointing towards documents that indicate how SparkWeb and Fastpath Webchat work together and how to configure them into a website.

Thank You.

Well … it is NOT necessary to use SparkWeb and FastPath. Please take a look here:

SparkWeb, redfire, Fastpath are plugins to Openfire and use port 9090. There is not much doucmentation.

Openfire has built-in BOSH support which is listening on port 7070 for incoming HTTP requests. If you want to use a web clients that nicely integrates with your web app using the standard TCP/IP port 80, you may consider to front end Openfire with Apache (or nginx or IIS 7, …).

There are several JavaScript BOSH clients that can easily integrated into web sites, which are based on iJab, Strophe and other libraries. Web sites where you can learn howto configure Apache and IIS are given below:

The following list of web chat clients is from

Claros Chat

Tigase Messenger

Tigase Minichat


A very nice blog “Setting up BOSH server” on

Hi this is Jassim.

I need to install openfire on my shared server running in linux os.

I don’t have root access for this. Kindly provide me the install instructions for the same.


Mohammed Jassim

Jassim, first - this is wrong place, rather go with a separate question in forum, second - you need root privileges to be able to follow with installation


i am new to openfire but i have installed openfire on my server. Now i want to create chat (IM) for my website like a facebook chat. I am creating website using php.

Is there any documentation or proper steps to create chat for website.

Please help me how can i do this.

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What will be part of your website is a web-based client. Openfire does not provide such a client, but any XMPP-compliant client can be used.

I suggest you refer to the list of clients defined at Clients – The XMPP Standards Foundation and evaluate those clients that have “Browser” in the platform column.