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Openfire: "invalide username or password" during back to old version after upgrade



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First of all thank you very much for

you r server and also for client (Spark). They are greats.

But… sometimes there are a little


For me the most headache is to upgrade

my server to a new version.

Well… I use Openfire on the Ubuntu

(Dapper) server. This morning I have updated my Openfire server from

3.3.2 to 3.4.4 (using deb-package for debian)… finally with success

even if it took more then 4 hours.

But it’s not a story.

The story is that at one moment when

the installation didn’t work correctly I would come back to the old

version. I thought it was easy because I had copied my

“/opt/openfire” before starting upgrade.

So I recopied my “/opt/openfire_backup”

to “/opt/openfire”, checked openfire script in “init.d”

and reran openfire.

It worked. Almost. It worked but I

couldn’t connect to the server due to "invalide username or

password". Admin console also worked, but with the same result –

“Login failed”.

So… I checked conf/openfire.xml it

was correct. I use MySQL database and all parameters in openfire.xml

were correct.

Before upgrading I had made a backup of

base too. But when I looked at the base it looked like it was

correct. All table were in place and the data in the tables as well.

So I didn’t restore the database from

backup. And it was wrong…


Finally I found that during upgrade

openfire changes the database. Not a lot just some little changes. As

for example it changes name of field “password” to

“plainPassword” in jiveUser table.

That caused a problem with login.

The scripts of changes in databases are

situated in the “openfire/resources/database/upgrade” and

your current version is in the “jiveVersion” table in your


Well… finally I’ve installed the new

version and I think it’s a better way. But if you decide to start and

after that for some reasons abandon the upgrade process and come back

to old version I hope this post will save you a little bit of time.

Cheers, Paul

P.S.:Sorry for my English. I think it’s

very poor but I haven’t opportunities for practice.