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Openfire is Lookin' Hot!

As you may have already seen, Openfire 3.5.0 was released today alongside it’s good friend Clearspace 2.0! We are excited to put out this release as it strolls alongside a number of new announcements, new features, and is sporting a brand new outfit in the form of a new look and feel for the admin interface.

Now, in light of the announcements regarding the Enterprise plugin becoming open source, you may be wondering why you can see an updated Enterprise plugin available. We are providing this plugin for our existing enterprise customers until the separate split-up plugins are released. Those of you waiting for the open source releases, please stay tuned!

For our Clearspace customers, this new version of Openfire integrates at a much more intense level than before. Instead of simply providing presence to Clearspace, and requiring you to point both Clearspace and Openfire at something like LDAP to have the same login setup, you can now have Openfire speak directly to Clearspace. It will pull it’s users and groups, as well as pass authentication through Clearspace. Setup is a breeze, as you have one screen of setup in Clearspace and one screen of setup in Openfire and you are done. And we’re not stopping there. Future releases will include even more integrations between the two!

Is Clearspace integration the only new thing in Openfire 3.5.0? Of course not! We’ve now got the ability to disable accounts, security audit logs for admin events, easy to take advantage of invisibility, and did I mention the pretty new admin interface? We went over a lot of these new features in a previous blog post, so I won’t bore you with a complete rehash of all of them.

One word of warning, due to the nature of CSS not wanting to easily refresh itself, you may need to shift-reload in your browser for the new admin console to look correct. And don’t forget to update your plugins after upgrading to 3.5.0! Some of them are affected by API changes! (specifically: User Search, IM Gateway, MOTD, and SIP)

This has been a very exciting day for us here at Jive and we hope exciting for you as well!

You can download Openfire 3.5.0 here.

You can see the entire changelog here.

You can view the documentation for 3.5.0 here.

Plugins can be downloaded from the admin console or here.