Openfire is not responding. Can't login to admin gui or into spark client

I have openfire 3.5.1-1 installed and now it has stopped responding. It shows the server is started but i can not login to the administration gui using the usernames i had been using now will it allow anybody to login thru spark.

Its setup to access active directory and i know AD isnt having problems because clients can login to workstations, and offsite thru outlook web access and sharepoint portals using their AD credentials. I do not know what happened it cause this. Does any one have any suggestions or maybe how to reset the config so i can get back in. I tried to reinstall the software but it wouldnt and said it was already installed.

stop the server and change the setup tag to . Also verify that your binding AD user is set to have the password never expire.

ok out of curiosity… how do i change the setup tag? im not use to linux so im not sure how to do that or where to look for this. i know how to stop the server though

Once i change the setup tag i just have to redo the setup configuration again right?

I’m sorry you need to edit the openfire.xml file in the conf folder of the openfire folder. The setup tag is at the bottom. After you save the change. Start openfire again and go to the admin page. It will walk you through the setup again. Use every test button.

Are you using gnome as your window manager for linux? If so then you can use gedit to edit /opt/openfire/conf/openfire.xml It’s always a good idea to make a copy of it first, just in case. for KDE I’m sure there’s a text editor but i don’t know what it is. You can always use vi if you want.