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Openfire Japanese Translation


I’'m trying to translate the openfire_i18n.properties file to Japanese.

I have 2 questions about translation and testing the file.

  1. After translating all of messages in openfire_i18n_ja_JP.properties to Japanese,

I test the translated file based on the following website,

    http://www.igniterealtime.org/builds/openfire/docs/latest/documentation/translat or-guide.html

but only the Side Menubar and Tab of the admin console are not translated.

The fields in Main frame are displayed in Japanese properly, but english menus are displayed in side menu.

Why? I would like to test and check the side menu and tab field translation.

please advise how to display properly for Side menu and tab.

  1. Do you need a Japanese translation file?

If you need it, how can I send a file?



The question 1 was resolved.

After I extracted openfire.jar file, included Japanese properties file into it and created new openfire.jar archive file

manually, it works fine.

If you need japanese translation file, please let me know.



Please refere to following URL if you need to translate openfire console.

http://taapps-javalibs.blogspot.com/2007/06/how-to-translate-openfire-xmpp-serve r.html



Hi Tatsuya,

I don’'t speak Japanese but I did try the openfire_i18n_ja_JP.properties(.converted) file and did add it with

jar cf ja.jar openfire_i18n_ja_JP.properties

to a new jar file. Placing this file in the lib directory and changing the locale to ja_JP did change the language completely as far as I can tell (*1). For me this seems to be more easy than the steps you did describe in your post.

Maybe you can confirm this, this would make it more easy for other users to add it.


(*1) As far as I know Openfire reads all jar files in the lib directory in alphabetical order. So if you want to replace some classes of property files within Openfire.jar you may simply add “N.jar” to the lib directory and it will be read before. As you just want to add a new translation the jar file may have a random name like ja.jar as it does not really matter when it is read.

Hi LG,

Thanks for your response.

I tested your steps described above, it worked fine and I could see translated all messages.

it is easier than recreating openfire.jar file manually. good idea!

Thank you very much.