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OpenFire Java 11


I am not using a bundle version of Java and running OpenFire 4.5.1. I am using Java 8 Update 191 at this time. I see that Java 11 is supported, but is it possible to use this new version with the new licensing restrictions? Is there a benefit for Openfire to update to this new version? If so, where can I find the version I should use?

You can use OpenJDK instead and do not worry about Oracle licensing. On Windows i prefer AdoptOpenJDK. There is also one from RedHat and Amazon. I think there were a few issues reported with older Java being in use, which didn’t happen with Java 11. Just in general, new version should be more optimized and robust and at some point Java 8 will go out of support.

Is that easy to just swap out from what I have? Is there any guide for that?

Do you suggest the Hotspot or OpenJ9 version?

Hotspot is closer to what Oracle uses, so i would use that, although i’m not sure what Openfire is more compatible/optimized with. But i had cases when some apps only work with Hotspot variant.

To swap stop Openfire, rename the jre folder inside its installation folder to say ‘jre-old’, then install AdoptOpenJDK and run Openfire. If something goes wrong, just stop Openfire, rename jre-old back to jre and run Openfire. Later you can even delete that jre folder and use installers without Java included. I think Ignite Realtime at some point should get rid of installers bundled with Java anyway, because of licensing and to make producing the installers easier. Just one type and let the users install the Java.

Hi, I am not using the bundled Java with OpenFire, so I don’t have the jre folder you mention. How would you recommend swapping out in that situation?

Sorry, missed that part. Then you can stop Openfire, uninstall the Oracle version and install the AdoptOpenJDK and Openfire should detect it.