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Openfire JAva Memory

Currenlty my server is showing:

Java Memory

36.74 MB of 63.31 MB (58.0%) used

What happens when it reaches 100%?

Can I increase the memory? the server has 512MB, what is recommend for 200 users?

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Can anyone point me in the right direction

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read the installation manual or search the forum for Xmx to increase the java memory. It’s the java heap, java will also use some native heap to manage the java compiler, threads , … So you may want to reserve 64 MB for your operating system and 64 MB for the java native heap ==> -Xmx384m should be max value to use.

-Xmx128 MB should be fine, as long as you use an external database and no plugins.

When java reaches the max heap it’s not too bad as it will run garbage collections to free memory. As long as a garbage collection frees more than 30% it’s usually fine, you may want to enable a verbose garbage collection log or attach JConsole or other tools to the process, see JVM Settings and Debugging