Openfire JSJAC message not coming

We have been able to integrate openfire with JSJAC client.

But when we run the client like below with below URL

We have selected BackEnd type as HTTP Binding
Jabber Server :
Username : XXXX
Pasword :XXXX

when we click on Login… we are able to login successsfully.

When we look at openfire admin , the status of this user is online

We are just getting like below in INCOMING section of JSJac Simple Client window.

Incoming message received however the text typed by other user is
not coming or somehow it is getting invisible.

Received Message from

We are not receiving any messages from other user even though both users are online
in openfire admin & are able to connect using JSJAC library.

I am not sure when the typed message send by another user in not coming or invisible to second user. Please Please help

Please can you someone advice to above mentioned problem